More than Meets the Eye: Understanding Visible Homelessness in Civic

Illustration: Eben Ejdne Eleanor, along with her classmates Bodhi Randell-Deptula and Lawrence Rogers, conducted a survey of students last semester regarding their perceptions of homelessness within the community. Read the rest

Not Quite North Shore

As one of the many ANU students hailing from the sunny suburbs of Sydney, I came to university with the pathological need to stand out from the crowd, to avoid being categorised as a common – and so unfairly maligned – type. Read the rest

Student Returns Home for the Weekend with the Intent of Getting Work Done

It’s a balmy Friday afternoon, Canberra is dead silent and the student populace of ANU perform their personal procrastination rituals in hushed unity. Read the rest

The Perks of Being Short Sighted

As a middle class, white, able bodied Sydneysider, it can be hard to have something legitimate to complain about. Read the rest