Pipped at the Post: ANU Sport won’t Run New Gym and Pool

Image: ANU The ANU Sport Council revealed they were unsuccessful in their bid to operate the recreation building in the redeveloped Union Court at their AGM on Wednesday, 12 April. Read the rest

ANU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Trail: Walking Through Past, Present and Future

The ANU, in collaboration with the four Representative Aboriginal Organisations in the ACT region, have developed a self-guided walk through ANU and surrounding areas. Read the rest

December in Canberra

Photo credit: Daily Mail For all of those who are still in Canberra, battling the heat on a daily basis, this listicle is for you. Read the rest

Woroni Adopts The Wombat

On Tuesday the 4th of October 2016, the current Woroni Board unanimously passed a motion adopting the Wombat as the official Woroni mascot. Read the rest

Some Great Sporting Moments

Freeman’s 400m Gold 2000 Olympics Lulu Cathro The longest minute in Australia’s sporting history belongs to Cathy Freeman and her unforgettable victory at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Read the rest

Dr Bradbury Fights Konzo

My name is Dina and I live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. I am 13 years old. Read the rest

Looking into Inward Bound

With Inward Bound on the calendar for Term 4, Woroni fills you in on how each of the teams are looking so that you can have some input when the IB chatter really begins. Read the rest

Dropped Dead: Discussed

Mary-Grace Bunker (Director), Gia Damp (Producer) and Joseph Murphy (Victor Le Pewe) discuss the John XXIII Dramatic Society’s upcoming production of Drop Dead. Read the rest