The board of ANU Student Media (ANUSM) has announced their intention to consult
with the wider ANU community about the future structure of the organisation.
The review will focus on seeking submissions and advice about what governance
and management structure is most appropriate and effective to ensure ANUSM
sustainably continues to meet the expectations of its members, whilst also being in a
position to take advantage of new opportunities.
The timeline of this organisational review is expected to unfold over the 2016/2017
Summer holidays, with the appointment of a review panel, a period for submissions
and data collection, and an evaluation stage where recommendations can be
developed. It is anticipated that accepted reforms will be implemented by March
As the publisher of Woroni, a campus institution since 1950, the Board is keen to
ensure that recommended reforms enable its proud legacy of student journalism
continues to prosper into the future. Five years after the initial creation of ANU
Student Media as an independent incorporated body, it is appropriate to review its
The Board has endorsed the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ANU Student Media, with the
assistance of a review panel, to undertake an organisational review of ANU Student
Media. This review is intended to identify and subsequently implement
comprehensive constitutional reform measures. This is to ensure ANU Student Media
can continue to fulfil its role and mission as the official student media body at the
ANU, and one that has full regard to the interests of all members and stakeholders.
The organisational review will involve input from a range of interested parties from
within the wider University community.
Review Terms
The organisational review will focus on making recommendations about the
– The role and purpose of ANU Student Media
– Best practice management structures
– Accountability measures
– Sustainable and effective governance structures
Submissions can be in any form but should seek to address the above terms.
Community Participation
Members of the ANU Student Body and other stakeholder groups will be invited to
participate in the review. These include:
– ANU Students
– Woroni Editors & Staff (both past and present)
– Alumni
– ANU Academic and Professional Staff
– Clubs & Societies
The organisational review will be completed with a report to the Board of ANU
Student Media for implementation by March 2017. The review and reform process
will be undertaken in three stages:
1. A data collection and consultation period over the Summer of 2016/2017.
2. An evaluation stage will occur in Jan 2017 whereby submissions from the
consultation round will be considered and consolidated.
Recommendations will be made by the panel in a report to the board.
3. Recommendations will be considered and a draft of constitutional changes
to published in early March 2017, to then voted on by members later that month.
The content of the report will include, but is not limited to:
1. Recommendations for reform
2. Constitutional Amendments
3. Feedback on Strategic Direction
Roles and Responsibilities
All other enquiries should be directed to the Review Secretary at
Finn Pedersen (Deputy Editor-In-Chief)
Review Secretary:
Samuel Taylor (Ex Officio)
Review Panel:
James Grubel (ANU Staff)
Savannah Pilgrim (ANU Student)
Cam Wilson (Former Editor and Alumni)
Maclaren Wall (ANU Student)
Alex Catalan-Flores (Former Editor-in-Chief)
Michael Turvey (ANU Student)
Submissions can be made in any form and must be emailed to