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A great student media organisation is for everyone. Student media should promote conversations, and provide a platform for people with different views, identities and lived experiences.

Freedom of speech, indeed, the power of speech, is that which amplifies the voices of the meek so that they can be heard alongside the mighty.

A large portion of ANU students relocate to Canberra to study, which means our community is extremely diverse. Woroni is funded by, created by and consumed by ANU students, and our mission is to produce print, radio and television content that truly reflects this community. This means supporting our regular contributors and those who are vocal on campus, as well as actively seeking out those who have been traditionally sidelined, or who need a boost of confidence to share their story.

This year, Woroni has included autonomous pull-outs in each of our print editions and have invited guest sub-editors to help with the sourcing and editing of this content. We have done this with the hope that in offering a welcoming space in our newspaper for students to share their voices – and often to interact with Woroni for the first time – they will have a positive experience and continue to contribute. Over time, we hope that this will build a culture of inclusivity and diversity within our pages.

This year, Woroni Radio has more shows than ever before, and broadcasts political opinions from both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. This year, Woroni Television has established itself as a source of innovative, creative and informative content.

We know that when you open our newspaper, tune into our radio broadcast, or watch our videos, that you might not agree with what you read, hear or see. Good. That is the point.

ANU ­– and the world – would be a boring place if everyone had the same opinions, identities and experiences.

Note: there is a line, and we do not hesitate to draw it. We do not approve content that is offensive or discriminatory.

We do, however, try to push students out of their comfort zones and expose them to the kaleidoscope of brilliantly contrasting identities, beliefs, political views and faiths held by those that they walk past in Union Court every day.

That is what we do. That is what we stand for.


Getting Involved

If you’d like to write for the Woroni newspaper, please email write@woroni.com.au.

If you have a tip for our news team, then please touch base with them at news@woroni.com.au.

If you would Woroni to send a photographer to your event then please email photography@woroni.com.au.

If you’re keen on graphic, web or visual design and would like to contribute art to the Woroni newspaper, please drop us a line at art@woroni.com.au.

If you’re interested in producing radio content, email radio@woroni.com.au.

If television is your area of interest, please email television@woroni.com.au to contribute video content.

If you just want to know more about what we do in general, or would like to get involved in other ways, email us at contact@woroni.com.au and we’ll be in touch.


Board of Editors

Bronte McHenry  |  Editor-In-Chief  |  bronte@woroni.com.au

Finn Pedersen  |  Deputy Editor-In-Chief  |  finn@woroni.com.au

Kat Carrington  |  Managing Editor  |  kat@woroni.com.au

Lauretta Flack  |  Content Editor  |  lauretta@woroni.com.au

Jasper Lindell  |  News Editor  |  jasper@woroni.com.au

Kanika Kirpalani  | Television Director  |  kanika@woroni.com.au

Joanne Leong  |  Creative Director  |  joanne@woroni.com.au

Oscar Jolly  |  Radio Editor  |  oscar@woroni.com.au

Other Staff

Brendan Greenwood | Bookkeeper

Arun Murali  |  Administrative Assistant  |  admin@woroni.com.au

Loretta Lackner | Distributor


02 6125 9574

Shop 15, Lena Karmel Building, 26 Barry Drive, Canberra ACT 2601

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